Our expertise

Plant-based artisanal cheeses 

We are pioneers in the fermentation and maturing processes of plant-based ingredients. Cheese was first invented 7,000 years ago when livestock farming came about. Cheese-making expertise has been cultivated through thousands of years of experimentation, observation, practice and passing down tradition. 

We take the best of this age-old expertise and apply it to plant-based ingredients, never compromising on our commitment to plant-based, artisanal, natural products. 


The Affinés

Exceptional plant-based creations

Our Affinés are the product of the mastery and adaptation of traditional cheese-making expertise. Using cashew nuts and – in some cases – soy, they are fermented and then matured for up to several weeks before taking their place on the connoisseur’s cheese plate. 


The Frais

Creamy plant-based creations

Light and tasty, the Frais are refreshing and indulgent at any time of day. They are perfect for spreading at breakfast or a snack, and they are a welcome addition to a cocktail party or as part of a recipe, whether sweet or savoury. 


Our Ingredients

An ultra-short list of 100% natural ingredients


Fair-Trade Organic Cashew Nuts

We select fair-trade, organically certified cashew nuts with the Forest Garden label. They are mechanically shelled, and are grown in the Bình Phước and Đồng Nai provinces of Vietnam. The farmers plant up to ten species of plants on the same plot of land. These forest gardens are rich in biodiversity, and offer a maximal carbon sequestration capacity. 


Organic Soy

We also use soy in our plant-based Frais and Affiné d’Albert products. The soy is organically certified, 100% French, and guaranteed GMO-free. In addition to being a source of plant-based protein, it is rich in unsaturated and saturated fats.



Used in traditional dairy cheese-making, ferments make it possible to develop the flavour, acidity level, texture and microbiological quality of milk. Thanks to these ferments and our 100% plant-based maturing expertise, we artisanally produce our creations and bring each one a unique taste, with no additives or preservatives. 

Our creations also contain…

Water, Camargue salt, and in some cases organic aromatics (herbs, garlic, pepper, and so on). That’s it.