Buckwheat, rye, olive and fennel seed crackers

Buckwheat, rye, olive and fennel seed crackers

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A surprising and fragrant recipe. The rustic taste of buckwheat and rye, with the pep of black olives from Kalamata and fennel seeds. An original blend of flavours that takes us directy to Provence...

Who is behind L'Oustau de Camille?

Camille shares with her native land, the Mediterranean, a taste for perfumes, flavours, nature, a sense of sharing and generosity. These treasures can only blossom fully in the sun.

L'Oustau means home in Provençal, because it is in Camille's kitchen, the heart of her house, that everything began.

Her aim is to offer quality products where the ingredients are given pride of place in each recipe. She has selected Mediterranean plants as a priority and all her ingredients are organically grown and sourced as locally as possible, for our well-being and that of the planet. Her mission is to delight you by preparing original and tasty recipes, and to share with you the flavours of this beautiful region!



Farine de sarrasin* 31% (origine France), huile d’olive vierge extra*, farine de seigle* 16% (origine France), farine de blé complet*, olives noires* 12,5% (origine UE), millet*, sel marin, graines de fenouil* 0,8% (origine non UE).

*Ingrédients issus de l'agriculture biologique.
Allergènes en gras. Présence dans l’atelier de fabrication de fruits à coques, produits laitiers, œufs.

Poids : 100g

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