Croc'Chiche with Seeds

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Gourmet crazes and sharing, passionate about flavors and discoveries, Sandrine pastry chef and Frédéric cook, united for the best of flavors have created the inventive cookie factory Atelier Mordicus.

Committed to the transition of the territories, Atelier Mordicus wishes to be part of a much more global approach to the preservation of our planet, nature and biodiversity through the preservation of our local territories. Their raw materials are mostly purchased from local producers:

  • Farina from Moulin Lo Molier in Saint Pé de Léren
  • Smoked pepper from Maison Malnou in Poey de Lescar
  • Rape oil from P'tites Graines du Soubestre in Poursiugues Boucoue
  • Vegetables from Bruno Teulé in Garos
  • Etc.

They favor committed producers who protect the soil, the insects and who wish to establish a long-term partnership. The values of sharing and craftsmanship, they believe in it!"



Farine de pois chiche, fleur de maïs, huile végétale (Béarn), graines (lin, courge, tournesol), sel de Salies de Béarn.


Présence dans l’atelier de fabrication de fruits à coques, arachides, produits laitiers, blé.

Poids : 100g

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