Superior Harissa
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les nouveaux affineurs Harissa d’exception

Superior Harissa

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Baba Bahri
New taste from Tunisia
Weight: 120g

In a dish with a little olive oil or mixed with our Frais Nature, this exceptional artisanal harissa will bring a spicy and smoky touch to your aperitif! 

Who is behind Baba Bahri?

Habib was born in Tunisia, a country in the south of the Mediterranean, with many culinary traditions and where we like to eat well.

Falling into couscous (Kouskoussi) when he was little, he thought it would be great to work in food and discover more good things. And then, being very big, he had an appetite to taste a lot of things!

After working in different countries and large companies, rubbing shoulders with chefs and two organic cows, he thought it would be good to reconnect the two shores of the Mediterranean. One day he discovered the exceptional power over his friends of harissa, his grandfather's olives and wild herbs.

And that's how Baba Bahri was born, an organic, artisanal and committed Franco-Tunisian agricultural and food adventure.

  • Dried chilli
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Spices

Spice up your Frais Plain with this delicious sweet artisanal harissa from Cap Bon in Tunisia. Fragrant, spicy and slightly spicy, this artisanal Harissa from Tunisia will warm your hearts.

Preparation deeply rooted in Tunisian culinary traditions, there are as many varieties of Harissa as there are regions and families! Each household, village, region has its own recipe and uses. What is magical is that its flavor is drawn as much from the quality of the original ingredients (variety of pepper, olive oil, variety of garlic) as from its manufacturing process.

This Harissa is made from Baklouti peppers dried in the sun and then in the oven to give nice smoky notes on the palate. They then added garlic, caraway and coriander to flavor it all.

As an aperitif, this Harissa will be perfect diluted in olive oil, as a sauce in creamy Fresh Vegetable or to complement a delicious homemade hummus. In the kitchen, it will be the essential ingredient in your marinades, soups, tomato sauces or chakchoukas.

Saha Wa Bechfa! (Enjoy your meal !)

Store in a cool place and add olive oil after opening.

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