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Is this “vegan cheese”?

Are your products actually cheese?

We craft plant-based products. We therefore do not produce cheese, but rather unique, delicious plant-based creations, our Frais and Affinés products. We cannot call them “cheeses”, but our artisanally fermented creations enable everyone to enjoy the pleasure of “cheese tasting”.

For more information about the terms we use, please consult the full text of the French decree n°2007-268 dating from 27 April 2007 relating to cheeses and cheese specialities, available here

> What do they taste like?

The flavours of our plant-based creations bring them into the flavour family of cheeses. Like in traditional dairy cheese-making, ferments and maturing techniques make it possible for us to obtain different flavours and textures, and to bring the products a “cheesy” taste, without additives or preservatives, and using only 100% natural, plant-based ingredients.


Production & Quality

> What ingredients do you use?

We principally use cashew nuts, since they bring a creamy texture to our products. We add ferments, water, a pinch of salt, in some cases soy, and a few organic aromatics (garlic, herbs, and so on)... That’s it. All our ingredients are natural, plant-based, and organically certified.

> What are the quality guarantees of your ingredients?

We select our raw materials with care. In addition to being delicious, they must comply with strict specifications: they must be certified organic, be locally sourced whenever possible (our soy is 100% French), and carry an exacting fair trade label when they are imported (our cashew nuts carry the Fair For Life label).

> Are these products French?

We manufacture all our products at our workshops in Ivry-sur-Seine, in Île-de-France. We receive the raw materials and artisanally process them into 100% plant-based Affinés and Frais products. We principally source our ingredients with French farmers (soy from the southwest of France, salt from Camargue, and so on). Cashew nuts do not grow in France, so we call on farmers based in Vietnam who carry organic, fair trade and Forest Garden certification. We are proud to create vegan, French-style products. We guarantee artisanal crafting with high-quality natural ingredients. Whatever your dietary restrictions or ideological convictions, we are most driven by the determination to offer everyone the pleasure of eating well, together.


Considerable nutritional advantages

> What are the nutritional advantages of the Frais range?

Our Frais spreads are more than delicious. They also contain just half the fat of dairy cheese, and are cholesterol-free and lactose-free. They are more easily digestible than dairy cheeses, yet they are rich in calcium. As a breakfast spread, a delightful addition to a sauce recipe, or a dip at cocktail hour, our Frais products are delicious alternatives. They are healthier than – and just as delicious as – traditional dairy cheese spreads.

> What are the nutritional advantages of the Affinés range?

Our Affinés are just as delightful as dairy cheeses, but they are naturally lactose-free and easier to digest. They are also cholesterol-free, and contain 2.3 less saturated fat than Camembert. They are therefore perfect for a healthy, gourmet hors d’oeuvre.

> How much calcium do your products contain compared to dairy cheese?

Our products are not cheeses, but they all contain calcium, since they are made with cashew nuts and soy, which are naturally rich in calcium.

We compared the calcium content of 100g of our products to the equivalent amount of various dairy cheeses, and here are the results: • Affiné d’Albert, Affiné de Germain and Affiné de Margot respectively contain 65%, 84% and 85% of the calcium supplied by an unpasteurised Camembert*, for 250 mg, 321 mg and 326 mg of calcium. • Frais Nature and Frais Ail & Fines Herbes respectively contain 2** and 2.7*** times more calcium than an equivalent dairy cheese spread, for 214 mg and 255 mg. * Compared with a raw milk Camembert (380mg / 100g) ** Compared with a fresh dairy cheese spread (104 mg / 100g) *** Compared with a flavoured fresh dairy cheese spread (94 mg / 100g)

> What are the nutritional benefits of the cashew nut?

The cashew nut is a food rich in beneficial fats, nutriments and vitamins. Three-quarters of the fat in a cashew nut is unsaturated. This type of “beneficial fat” helps reduce harmful cholesterol and promotes better cardiovascular health. Cashew nuts are also a good source of magnesium and phosphorous, which play a role in the development and health of the bones and teeth. They are also a source of Vitamin B1, which fosters normal growth, and Vitamin K, which plays a role in the formation of bones.



Our plant-based Frais speads compared with dairy cheese spreads


Less saturated fat


Less sugar


More calcium

Our plant-based Affinés compared with Camembert


Less saturated fat


as much calcium



* Average nutritional information on our products compared to an equivalent dairy cheese (Ciqual-Anses data)



Creations that respect the environment and workers

> What is the carbon footprint of your products?

Nearly 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change are caused by livestock farming. Each of our plant-based creations produce five times less CO2 than its dairy cheese equivalent! Our soy is 100% French, and our free-trade organic cashew nuts are imported by ship, reducing the impact of transport on their carbon footprint. The cultivation of our organic cashew nuts also has a positive impact on the environment since they are taken from cashew trees grown in forest gardens (with the Forest Garden label), and since they sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

> Are your products organic?

All our ingredients are organic, and all our plant-based creations are organically certified.

We go much further for our cashew nuts: they are certified organic, fair trade and Forest Garden, and are mechanically shelled. They are grown in the Bình Phước and Đồng Nai provinces of Vietnam, the region where cashew trees may be best organically grown.

We add 100% French soy to our Affiné d’Albert and Frais spreads. This soy is organically certified and guaranteed GMO-free.

> Are your cashew nuts free trade?

We offer full traceability throughout our cashew nut supply chain. We select it organic, mechanically shelled, Forest Garden certified, and fair trade. Our cashew nuts are certified by the Fair For Life label, an exacting fair trade certification that guarantees:

• a fair trade purchase price superior to that of the market;
• a protection programme for farmers in case of a crisis: a minimum guaranteed price calculated based on production costs
• decent, safe work conditions throughout the supply chain, at all steps of the supply chain and in every country
• support for the independence of farmers
• environmentally friendly farming practices


> How should your plant-based creations be stored?

Our plant-based creations should be stored at 4°C/39°F, in the coldest part of the refrigerator if possible (generally the top back section of the refrigerator, and in some cases at the bottom).

> Can I freeze your plant-based creations?

The Affiné de Germain and Affiné de Margot may be frozen once to store them for a longer time (for a special occasion or to reduce the shipping costs by placing a larger order, for example). As with any food, you should never refreeze a defrosted product. The products that we send have never been frozen.

Please note that freezing does not make it possible to preserve the full taste and texture of Affiné d’Albert or Frais spreads. That is why we do not recommend freezing these products.

> Does the taste of your plant-based creations develop over time?

Our products are raw, and they contain active ferments. They develop over time, even when packaged and kept in the refrigerator. Their tastes can therefore differ from one batch to the next.

The Affiné de Margot does not develop much when stored at 4°C/39°F in the refrigerator.

the Affiné de Germain may show some blue or white patches on the rind. This is normal, and the product is still perfectly suitable for consumption. Moreover, such visual variations are a very habitual characteristic of certain dairy cheeses, such as mature goat's cheese.

The Affiné d’Albert continues to mature quickly (before the expiry date) even if it is stored at 4°C/39°F in the refrigerator. If you prefer a stronger taste “with character”, we recommend that you leave it in the refrigerator for a few days before serving.

> Why are your products not recommended to people suffering from immuno-deficiency, pregnant women, or nursing mothers?

Our plant-based products are raw and fermented. The microbiologists and quality specialists with whom we work recommend this usage precaution, which is the same as that for unpasteurised dairy cheese.

Our products are regularly analysed by a government-authorised laboratory, and analyses certify that there is no risk for consumer health aside from the specific cases mentioned above.



> How are your plant-based creations delivered?

You can order them on our online store.

To find out more about delivery terms, visit our dedicated delivery page


Special offers

> Are you organising an event, and would like information about a reduction?

We regularly have orders from individuals and professionals for special occasions requiring a vegan meal (weddings, birthdays, receptions, corporate events, etc.).

Write to us via our contact form with the date of your event and the desired quantities so that we can establish a quote.


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