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We are artisans of the vegetal. We do not produce cheeses, but unique and delicious plant-based creations: the Frais and the Affinés. We can't call them "cheeses", but our artisanally fermented creations allow everyone to rediscover the pleasure of the "cheese moment".

For more information about the denominations, we invite you to consult the full text of the decree n°2007-268 dated April 27, 2007 relating to cheeses and cheese specialties available here

Our plant-based creations are part of the taste universe of cheeses. As in traditional cheese making, it is the ferments and maturing techniques that allow us to obtain different flavors and textures and to give a "cheesy" taste, without any additives or preservatives, with only 100% natural and plant-based ingredients.

We mainly use cashew nuts, which give our creations a creamy texture. We add ferments, water, a pinch of salt, sometimes soy or some herbs (garlic, herbs, etc.), nothing else. All our ingredients are plant-based, natural and certified organic.

We select our raw materials with care. In addition to being delicious, they must respect strict specifications: be certified organic, be local whenever possible (our soy is 100% French) and have a demanding fair trade label when they come from far away (our cashew nuts are Fair For Life labeled).

We manufacture all our products in our workshop in Ivry sur Seine, near Paris. We receive our raw materials there and transform them into 100% plant-based Affinés and Frais.
For our ingredients, we buy our supplies primarily from French producers (soybeans from the southwest, salt from the Camargue, etc.). As cashew nuts do not grow in France, we use Vietnamese producers who are certified organic, fair trade and Forest Garden.
We claim to make "Vegan. A la Française." products. It is the guarantee of a handcrafted work with good natural products. It is especially a will for us to offer to all the pleasure of "eating well" together, whatever the diets or food convictions of each.

Our Frais are more than good. They are also 2x less fatty, cholesterol-free, lactose-free, easier to digest than cheese, and contain just as much protein. For breakfast on toast, for cooking in sauces or as a dip for an aperitif, our Frais are delicious alternatives that are healthier and just as tasty as classic fresh cheese spreads.

Our Affinés are as enjoyable as cheese, but are naturally lactose-free and more digestible. They are also cholesterol-free and contain 2.3x less saturated fat than a Camembert. They are therefore perfect for a gourmet and healthy aperitif.

Cashews are a food rich in good fats, nutrients and vitamins.
Three quarters of the fat in cashew nuts is in the form of unsaturated fatty acids, good fats that help lower bad cholesterol and contribute to good cardiovascular health.

Cashews are a good source of magnesium and phosphorus, which play a role in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. They are also a source of vitamin B1 which promotes normal growth and vitamin K which plays a role in bone formation.

Nearly 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change come from livestock farming. Our vegetable creations emit 5 times less CO2 equivalents than an equivalent cheese! Our soybeans are 100% French and our cashews are imported by boat, which reduces the impact of transportation on their carbon footprint. The cultivation of our organic cashew nuts also has a positive impact on the environment thanks to the forest gardens in which they grow and the carbon sequestration by the cashew tree.

All our ingredients are organic and all our plant-based creations are certified organic.

We go even further for our cashews: they are certified organic, fair trade, Forest Garden and mechanically shelled. They come from Bình Phước and Đồng Nai in Vietnam: it is in these provinces that the cultivation of the cashew tree (the tree on which cashews grow) lends itself best to organic farming.

In l'Affiné d'Albert and in our Frais, we add 100% French soya. It is organic and guaranteed without GMO.

We have a total traceability of our cashew nuts. We have selected organic, mechanically shelled, Forest Garden labeled and fair trade. Our cashew nuts are certified Fair For Life, a demanding fair trade label that guarantees

- a fair purchase price above the market price
- a protection mechanism for producers in case of crisis: the guaranteed minimum price, calculated on the basis of production costs
- decent and safe working conditions throughout the production chain, whatever the link in the production chain and whatever the country
- the reinforcement of the autonomy of producers
- agricultural practices that respect the environment

Our plant-based creations can be kept in the refrigerator at 4°C, in the coldest part if possible (usually at the bottom and top of the refrigerator, sometimes at the bottom).

Les Affinés de Germain and de Margot can be frozen once in order to keep them longer (for a special occasion or to reduce shipping costs by grouping orders for example). We remind you that you should never refreeze a thawed product. The products we send you have not been frozen.

On the other hand, freezing does not preserve the texture and taste of the Affiné d'Albert and the Frais. For this reason, we recommend that you do not freeze them.

Our products are plant-based, raw and fermented. The microbiologists and quality specialists with whom we work recommend this precautionary measure, which is the same as for raw milk cheese.

Our products are regularly analyzed by a laboratory accredited by the State, the analyses certify that there is no risk for the health of the consumer apart from the specific cases mentioned above.

You can order them on our online store. For orders placed during the week (Monday to Friday) before 8am, they will be delivered the next day before 1pm (depending on our available stocks). For orders placed on the weekend (Saturday, Sunday), any order validated between Friday 8:01 am and Monday 7:59 am will be shipped on Monday for a delivery on Tuesday before 1 pm.

If you selected this option when you placed your order, you can also pick up your package at our production site in Ivry (94200), from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

To learn more about delivery methods, visit our page dedicated to deliveries

All deliveries in France are made by refrigerated transport as this is the best possible option to guarantee the cold chain. This expensive service ensures the quality of the products.

We take in charge a large part of the delivery costs.

We regularly receive orders from individuals and professionals for special occasions requiring a vegan meal (weddings, birthdays, receptions, corporate events, ...).

Write us via our contact form with the date of your event and the desired quantities so that we can establish an estimate.

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