L'Affiné d'Albert rewarded!

Fresh Garlic & Herbs awarded best organic product!

Vegan. À la française.
Plant-based artisanal cheeses.

At Les Nouveaux Affineurs, we have decided to combine gourmet enjoyment, plant-based ingredients and innovation to provide everyone with the indulgence of “cheese tasting” while addressing today’s environmental, ethical and health-related challenges.

We draw our creativity from the refinement of gourmet French food and in the unexplored treasures of the plant world to create 100% plant-based products so delicious that they delight everyone at the table. They are also 100% natural, better for your health, and better for our planet.

Their Experiences

Star-rated chefs, food critics, bloggers, cheese lovers... Our products have managed to win the hearts of gourmets!

"Exceptionnel ! Ils ont fait un travail de recherche et développement sur le goût qui est impressionnant."

Sylvestre Wahid
Chef 2 Étoiles

« The world of gastronomy is changing, and so are eating habits. I really like their products because they are both delicious and healthy. »

Justine Bordet

“Le récit de l’alimentation végétale a enfin sa page fromage”

Rodolphe Landemaine
Founder of Maison Landemaine

“Thanks to Les Nouveaux Affineurs, our clients can enjoy the pleasure of cheese in a plant-based version through our sandwiches”

Chiharu Kaneko
Chef, Land&Monkeys bakery

“This is incredible... Of everything I have tasted, if you are looking for something that most resembles dairy cheese, I think we have a winner.”

Sébastien Kardinal
Chef and food critic
The Affinés
Exceptional plant-based creations

Our Affinés are the product of the mastery and adaptation of traditional cheese-making expertise. Using cashew nuts and – in some cases – soy, they are fermented and then matured for up to several weeks before taking their place on the connoisseur’s cheese plate.


Delicious recipes
2x less saturated fat*

* compared with an equivalent dairy cheese

The Frais
Creamy plant-based creations

Light and tasty, the Frais are refreshing and indulgent at any time of day. They are perfect for spreading at breakfast or a snack, and they are a welcome addition to a cocktail party or as part of a recipe, whether sweet or savoury.


Very rich
2x less fat*

* compared to an equivalent dairy cheese