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Frais Garlic & Herbs
Frais Garlic & Herbs
Frais Garlic & Herbs
Frais Garlic & Herbs

Frais Garlic & Herbs

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Spreadable plant-based specialty
Weight: 110g

With real bits of garlic and chopped aromatic herbs, this Frais spread is a pure delight at cocktail time or as an addition to a sauce.

Fair-Trade Organic Cashew Nuts

We select fair-trade, organically certified fair trade cashew nuts with the Forest Garden label grown in Bình Phước and Đồng Nai, Vietnam. These are the regions where cashew trees may be best organically grown. The farmers plant up to ten species of plants on the same plot of land. These forest gardens are rich in biodiversity, and they offer a maximal carbon sequestration capacity.

Organic Soy

We use 100% French organic soya, guaranteed GMO-free. We select it because it is nutritionally rich (in protein, magnesium and iron in particular) and because it offers a subtle taste.


Camargue Salt


The term “ferment” refers to a micro-organism capable of fermentation, such as bacteria, mould or yeast. Used in traditional dairy cheese-making, ferments make it possible to develop the flavour, acidity level, texture and microbiological quality of milk. Thanks to these ferments and our 100% plant-based maturing expertise, we artisanally produce our creations and bring each one a unique taste, with no additives.

Organic Pepper

Organic Aromatics

We have added aromatics, organic garlic and organic herbs to our recipe.

Nutritional Benefits *


2x = 0%
less fat as much protein lactose

* Average nutritional information on our products compared to an equivalent dairy cheese (Ciqual-Anses data)

Nutrition Facts for 100 g

Energy kJ/Kcal – 816 kJ / 197 kcal
Total Fat – 15 g
with saturated fat 3,1 g
Total carbohydrate – 7,4 g
with sugars  0,7 g
Fiber – 1,8 g
Protein – 8,4 g
Salt – 0,77 g


Possible traces of nuts and nut derivatives

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

toujours aussi bon et...frais

Heurteur Roger
Le recommande c’est super bon

La saveur est l’onctuosité et géniale 😋. Se qui serait bien sais en plus grand format et quantité.

Très bon

Plusieurs fois que je recommande ce produit, je ne suis pas déçu !

Chloe Roubaud
Un produit qui fait du bien !

Bravo pour ce fromage frais vegan, merci d’exister et de proposer tout ça. La dégustation était bluffante !

Anne Z
Très bon

Excellent produit

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