The Essentials

The Essentials

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The "Essentials" pack lives up to its name! It includes 2 Affinés d'Albert, 1 Affiné de Margot, 4 Frais (Plain, Garlic & Fine Herbs, Shallot & Chives and Thyme & Rosemary), and salted crackers from our Fine Selection.

Firm, creamy, melting, soft or powerful, each Affiné and each Frais is deliciously unique and will satisfy the finest gourmets. 

L’Affiné d'Albert and l’Affiné de Margot will harmoniously find their place on the cheese platter while the Frais will accompany gourmet moments throughout the day, from breakfast toast to the aperitif and to the cooked dishes of dinner.

Ultra-fraisProduits frais en livraison frigorifique
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Ce Pack contient*

2x  Affiné d’Albert 
1x  Affiné de Margot
1x  Frais Nature Ail & Fines Herbes
1x  Frais Nature au sel de Camargue
1x  Frais Thym & Romarin
1x  Frais 100% végétal Échalote & Ciboulette
1x  Biscuits apéritifs Fine Sélection*

*L'offre peut varier en fonction des stocks disponibles

Affiné d’Albert : Soy juice* (France, GMO-free), cashew nuts* (Vietnam, mechanical shelling), salt, ferments.

Affiné de Margot : Cashew nuts* (Vietnam, mechanical shelling), water, salt, ferments.

Affiné de Germain : Cashew nuts* (Vietnam, mechanical shelling), water, salt, ferments.

Frais Plain : Soy juice* (France, GMO-free), cashew nuts* (Vietnam, mechanical shelling), 1% Camargue salt, ferments.

Frais Shallot & Chive : Soy juice* (France, GMO-free), cashew nuts* (Vietnam, mechanical shelling), 3% shallot*, 2% chives*, salt, ferments.

Frais Kampot Pepper : Soy juice* (France, GMO-free), cashew nuts* (Vietnam, mechanical shelling), 0.8% Kampot pepper* (fair trade), salt, ferments. *Ingredient from organic farming. Possible traces of soy, nuts and nut derivatives.

*Ingrédients issus de l'agriculture biologique.
Allergènes en gras. Traces possibles de noix et dérivés de noix

En savoir plus sur nos ingrédients

To consult on the pages of the products composing this pack.

Our plant-based creations can be kept in the refrigerator at 4°C, in the coldest part if possible. Les Affinés de Germain et de Margot can be frozen once in order to keep them longer (for a special occasion or to reduce shipping costs by grouping orders for example). We remind you that you should never refreeze a thawed product. On the other hand, freezing does not preserve the texture and taste of the Affiné d'Albert and the Frais. We therefore recommend that you do not freeze them. The products we send you have not been frozen.
A consommer rapidement après ouverture.

Customer Reviews

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Sehr, sehr lecker - très, très délicieux

C’est tout ce que je peux dire autour de vos produits

Maryline C.


Bettina G.
wunderbare Vielfalt - grandioser Geschmack

Man merkt, das Franzosen etwas von Käse verstehen - diese wunderbaren veganen Käsevarianten sind so nah an den Originalen, es war ein Fest!
Die Käse mit Schimmelpilzkulturen werden - wie gewohnt - bei Lagerung noch besser, reifer
DANKE, ich hoffe sehr, dass diese Delikatessen bald direkt in Deutschland erhältlich sein werden

Just to give a kind of 'international' statement:
You can tell that French know how to make cheese - these marvellous vegan cheese variantes are so close to the originals, it was so delicious!
Plus the 'cheeses' are growing better over time, like I was used to with milk-cheese.
THANK YOU, I am hoping to get these delicatesses directly in Germany soon!

Simone B.

Sapori eccezionali

Incroyable !

Superbe découverte ! Depuis que je suis végétalienne, c'est la première fois que je goûte des fauxmages aussi bons et aussi bluffants ! Merci les Nouveaux Affineurs !